Xerox’s Newest iGen 150 Press Takes Guesswork out of Image Quality

The Digital Centre was the first in Australia to install the amazing iGen 150 into their Artarmon Print and Development Centre. Now one of just 2 in the country, The Digital Centre is able to produce state of the art print products on one of the worlds most technologically advanced print machines.

Why is the iGen 150 so spectacular? Xerox tell us more…

Variety may be the spice of life and for printers it can keep their business immune to the ups and downs of an ever-changing marketplace. But producing a variety of applications comes with challenges and delivering consistent color image quality is one.

Xerox’s newest iGen 150 Press offers a choice of line screens giving printers complete control over image quality so that each piece – regardless of quantity or elements such as photos, text, colors and images – looks consistent.

For example, the press’ new 210 line screen heightens the softness in skin tones while keeping the detail of hair and background images intact – capabilities printers need to capture jobs in the fast-growing photo marketplace.

A new technology inside the press called Object Oriented Half Toning renders images and text smooth or sharp as required for brochures, catalogs and fliers.

“Digital color image quality is no longer a guessing game with the iGen 150,” said Jeff Jacobson, president, Graphic Communications Operations, Xerox. “We built an ‘intelligent’ press that puts printers in the driver’s seat. They can confidently determine how best to produce each job while moving more offset pages to digital. And we have taken automation to a new level so printers can deliver more sellable prints per hour.”

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The iGen is just one of the spectacular machines at The Digital Centre. With multiple Xerox machines and a whole production centre full of some of the worlds best machinery, The Digital Centre prints for some of Australia’s largest companies and Advertising agencies. Visit The Digital Centre website at to find out more.