A domain name is the park of a network address that identifies the domain it belongs to. Essentially, it serves as your website name and a virtual address where Internet users can actually gain access to your website. Domain names came about due to the fact that we, as humans, aren’t exactly star students when it comes to memorising strings of numbers. This meant that we couldn’t use IP addresses for browsing the Internet effectively, so another option needed to come into play.

Domain names can be comprised of any combination and number of letters and numbers. Extensions like .com, .net, .org, and more serve as the final “period” to domain names. These names must be registered before you’re able to use them and each one is unique, which means that selecting the ideal domain name is a necessity. You should actually be on the lookout for available names before you even register your business name.

Why are domain names so important? We can’t delve into all of the details, but we’ve put together a primer to emphasise their importance down below. Read on to learn more about how your brand’s domain name plays into your success as a business. You might be surprised by just how much they influence your online marketing efforts.

Three Factors That Prove Domain Names are Essential

They add credibility

If you’re able to snag a clean domain name that aligns with your brand name, you’ll get a huge leg up in the credibility department. Small businesses, in particular, should pay attention to this benefit; it can be tough to establish yourself as an authority in a world full of corporate giants, but having a respectable domain name is a good first step.

Snagging your own domain name rather than running it through a free web hosting site will also help inspire consumer confidence. It’s tough to look professional when half of your domain name is taken up giving credit to the host you use. Try to set up your own independent site and ensure your domain name is clear and concise.

Improved brand recall

Savvy marketers understand that half of the battle in the quest for customer acquisition lies in brand recall and recognition. Any chance that you have to splash your brand name (accurately) up for the consumers to see is an opportunity that you should take. Your website’s URL is just one more opportunity to drive your brand’s name home and keep customers aware of your presence.

SEO ranking

While it’s not something that’s often discussed, it’s a well-known fact that domains play into your SEO ranking. A messy or inaccurate domain name can knock you down further amongst other search results than you may think. Website and content quality should always be your primary SEO focuses, but there’s no harm in bumping your chances at success by choosing a neat and accurate domain name.

Try to incorporate important keywords into your domain and brand name. Just be sure to consider those words’ relevancy to your brand down the line– don’t rush to pick up a great domain name just because it features one keyword that’s tangentially related to your brand. Think hard about names that have lasting power and will serve you years into the future.

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