A website is a vital part of any business’s interaction with your customers. It’s a key method of connection: a way for businesses to share their brand, help customers find them and invite customers to learn more about the business as a whole.

As important as your website is, no company can afford to settle for ‘good enough.’

Reason #1: A Website is the Business’s First Impression

A website isn’t just a chance for customers to visit a ‘store’ no matter where they are in the world. For many customers, it’s the first interaction they’ll have with a business. Most of those customers will start forming their impression of a business as soon as they visit for the first time.

If that first impression is ‘good enough,’ rather than going the extra mile, customers may assume that other elements of the business will fail to go the distance, as well. They may worry about the quality of the business’s products and its customer service efforts. A good website, on the other hand, creates a great first impression that is more likely to draw in potential customers and convince them to give the business a shot.

Reason #2: Businesses Need Their Websites to Get Noticed

If customers search for a specific product or a specific type of service, does the business’s website show up? Any time a business doesn’t appear in the top search results, it loses customers to competitors who do show up high in the search results. The higher a business’s search ranking, the better the odds that they will get the vital clicks from customers searching for products like the ones they offer.

A business that is simply aiming for ‘good enough,’ on the other hand, will often miss the mark when it comes to SEO. As a result, the website won’t appear in those top search engine rankings. It may not appear on the first page–and for most customers, not appearing on that first page is as good as not appearing at all.

Reason #3: A Great Website Means 24/7 Access

Most of the time, small business owners can’t offer service that is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers, on the other hand, may need to do business at any moment. Some customers work nontraditional shifts. Others simply do their browsing after normal business hours, when they aren’t at work. A ‘good enough’ website may rely on customers contacting customer service with their questions or their needs. If customers choose to shop at nontraditional hours, they may turn to competitors who offer better service!

A great website–one that goes above and beyond ‘good enough’ runs effectively regardless of whether someone is online to take care of customer service or not. It offers access to the information customers need most, allows them to make buying decisions, and allows them to make purchases, all on their own.

In many cases, customers even prefer to do their own discovery and shopping without needing input from a sales team. A great website makes that possible. ‘Good enough,’ on the other hand, may leave customers scrambling to find the right information or confused about how to make a purchase.

Reason #4: A Good Website Builds Customer Trust

If a business is simply aiming for ‘good enough’ with its website, broken links, and other problems may go unchallenged. When businesses go the extra mile with their website, on the other hand, the website is clean, loads fast, and remains as accurate as they can possibly make it. This, in turn, significantly helps build customer trust–and with customer trust, many businesses see an increase in their conversions

Are you ready to set ‘good enough’ aside and start building a website that will appeal to your customers, build their trust, and help them move through the buyers’ journey on their own? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.


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