The Digital Centre has services that range from Pre Press, to Design, to Print all the way through to Packaging and Mailing.

Our state of the art equipment, facilities and top level staff give our customers a service second to none. That is why The Digital Centre has been referred to as Sydney's top Digital Printer.

Design and Studio Printing

Create stunning imagery with us.

We offer a complete end to end service including initial consultation and design.


The nuts and bolts

Of course, we can send stuff to a printing machine and it douse what a printing machine does best

Finishing and Binding

The finel touches

We take pride in every aspect of our work and we make sure to get the absolute best finish for the print

Large Format Printing

Lets go large

At the digital center we have the technology to accommodate large than standard size printin

Mailing Services

From our printers to your desk.

All our products are hand wrapped with care to ensure there is no damage to the product when it arrives on your desk.


Stunning packing for your products

Just like unwrapping christmas presents makes it all the more exciting.

Presentation Services

Give them something to take away

A good presentation is an art, and one of the keys to that art is to make yourself memorable.

Promotional Services

Catch their eye.

Baners, flyers, posters, advertisements, promotions and give-aways

Our Technology

At The Digital Centre, we know the importance of good tools and equipment in any job. In the Digital Printing world, technology and the tools we use to produce the very best print job possible every time, are truly some of the worlds best.

So when you are thinking of your next print job, remember The Digital Centre and know that Technology, Quality and Service are always maintained with Australia's best and Sydney's favorite Digital Printers - The Digital Centre.

A huge thank you to you and your production team! I’m so impressed with the 12pp Conference Guide, can’t believe it looks soooo good! My client will be stoked!