Consumers today have got it made- with their needs, just a computer click away. They can schedule a plumber or order their dinner without ever leaving their chair. With such ease of access, advertisers are competing to gain their attention. But online marketing can be overwhelming, or ineffective for certain consumers. Depending on the type of product or service, a little bit of print can go a long way. Print adds a personal touch and a level of trust that consumers greatly appreciate. Here are 5 places that print still makes the biggest impact.

1. Print in Service Industries

Service industries are unique in that they involve the consumer’s home. Inviting a stranger to look at your toilet, or walk through each room spraying for ants invokes a bit of anxiety. Who will show, up, can they be trusted, and are they even who they claim to be? Print advertising for service professionals personalises them before they walk through the door. Receiving a company flyer in the mail feels more like an invitation, and is effective at generating business. Furthermore, print ads can be stored and saved for when another need should arise- yielding repeat customers.

2. Business Cards & Company Letterhead Prints

A business card or personalised letter provides a sense of connection. While internet advertising is dispersed to the masses, a business card is exchanged by two people. Receiving a letter from a salesman says, “I remember you and would like to do business.” It’s an extra gesture that feels specific to the recipient, and after all, customers want to matter.


3. Print on Cars & Large Purchases

Very few people wake up and decide to buy a car and come home with one that same day. A car, or vehicle of any sort, is a big decision that takes some time to process. Whether the consumer needs to crunch the numbers, comparison shop, or get a quote on their trade-in, the purchase is rarely quick. Print marketing is essential to this process, as it keeps your company in the running. Walk out of a dealership with nothing in hand, and the next dealership might land the deal. But a tangible, colourful reminder of the product will keep it in the customer’s mind. Being able to show friends and family the graphics can help complete the sale. And purchase this size is one best made with personalised attention. To spend hard-earned money, a customer wants to feel that they are more than just a number.

4. Seasoned Clientele

While the millennial generation is all about digital- their predecessors aren’t as keen. The older demographic still often prefer a tangible source of information. The internet can be confusing to some, and they trust what they’ve known all their lives. They look forward to receiving something in the mail and flipping through large scale graphics. They are still more impressed by a signature and a handshake than a pop-up ad on their screen. The print is the best method of transmission when targeting seasoned clients. Despite a digital reliance, millennials also report a level of trust in print media, specifically newspapers and magazines.

5. Clothing & Other Catalogues

Clothing is something people like to peruse, and print graphics make this more appealing. Flipping through a catalogue of well-styled outfits allows consumers to imagine and visualise the look they want to achieve. Clothing is often a purchase people mull over and a catalogue encourages them to buy it. Catalogues create brand permanence in the home since they linger to be revisited. They aren’t only effective with clothing, however, many companies are adopting the strategy. Amazon just launched a holiday catalogue, citing its proven sales. If an internet giant is investing in catalogues, it’s clear that print is effective.

Digital marketing is here to stay, but don’t count print marketing out. The best model for your business is a combination of the two, to access your broadest audience. To make sure your marketing is optimised and effective, contact The Digital Centre today! We are a print agency that offers digital solutions, providing the best of both worlds.


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