The world of marketing is saturated with digital media and advertisements. On a day-to-day basis, we are inundated with digital marketing messages. Recognising that marketing and advertising are trending more in the digital arena may make people think that print advertising and collateral has lost its impact. But actually, the opposite is true. It is now, in this digital era, that print collateral can make more of a difference than ever. Since there are so many things brought to us in a digital format, we actually tend to pay more attention to things that are in print. This is especially true with the younger demographic that has grown up with digital marketing. There is no doubt that print media has had to evolve to maintain its status with the flashier, more interactive digital ads, but the truth is print media is still as strong as ever. Let’s look at a few reasons why print media is still relevant and why you should consider upping your print collateral game, even in this digital market.


Digital ads may catch your attention for a few seconds while you scroll through a website but as soon as you move on to a new site, that ad is also gone. It has disappeared into cyberspace and disappeared from your mind. The impact of tangible items is, and always has been, strong. People make a connection with printed materials because they can see them up close, touch them, and feel them. The print ads that make it into people’s homes and lives also tend to stick around longer. These print ads exist for a much longer time span in peoples homes and businesses. The print ad can also be more easily preserved for later reference, whereas with a digital ad, you may spend hours trying to hunt down the specific site or instance where you saw it — and it may not even be there anymore given the rate at which digital ads rotate. The tangibility of print makes it special and embeds the advertisement in consumer’s minds more than a digital ad can.


Blinking and flashing banner and pop up ads may catch your eye, but how much consideration do you actually give the product? Do you feel like those ads are coming from credible sources? We have all heard the stories and may have even fallen victim to them ourselves, of the pop-up ads or banner ads that someone clicks and ends up launching a virus into their computer or device. These digital ads come with an undercurrent of hesitation or danger, which isn’t what anyone really wants to be associated with their product. Print ads feel safe to the consumer which makes the company and product seem more credible. The print ad doesn’t bring with it thoughts of imminent danger or damage to a device the same way that digital ads may.


The visual aspect of print collateral is also a huge marketing aspect. Your brand or product has a specific look and feel that has been put together with specific purposes in mind. Print ads make it much easier to keep a consistent brand look and feel with more control over exact fonts, placement, and colours. Digital ads run the risk of a font or colour not showing appropriately on a device screen or of placement of an important object is off. Any of these seemingly small faults in branding can distract from your marketing message and deter the customer. With print collateral, you have the ability to maintain strict control of your branding and messaging.

Bridging the Digital/Print Gap

Print ads also offer the ability to tie marketing materials together and provide a seamless bridge between your online content and print collateral. With the use of targeted marketing and ads placed in specific publications or places to meet the target audience or the use of QR codes, you can blend the two worlds and give the consumer a seamless experience. Markets are even testing augmented reality ads now that can easily bring together the print collateral and online media. Audi has done a great job of using their augmented reality ads to put together a complete marketing package.

Less Competition

The biggest and maybe most obvious plus to using print collateral these days is that there is less competition. As everyone pushes to do more and more digitally and create more and more digital marketing content, they also begin to use their print collateral less and less. So a company that has well-thought-out, targeted, and branded print collateral can really stand out in the crowd because they come across as something different than what we constantly see from everyone else. The print ads become more visible and stand out more as more companies move to digital, so a decline in print marketing can actually be used to your advantage! Even though the marketing and advertising world is becoming increasingly digital, print collateral is not dead. In fact, now is a great time to up your print collateral game, invest some time and money into creating well branded and targeted print materials, and stand out from the digital deluge. The Digital Centre has grown from humble beginnings specialising in print media into one of Australia’s most creative full-service agencies, providing end-to-end solutions for organisations of all sizes and across all industries. With print management, web development, graphic design and marketing all under the one roof, you’ll not only streamline your visual, digital and print messaging but also be pushed to extend your thinking.

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