Meet the Team

Matthew Taylor

Managing Director

  • The ideas man with his vision fixed on the next horizon
  • A Marvel fan through and through
  • Absolutely loves a deal
  • He’s a roadie, always out meeting or talking to clients.

Linda Taylor

General Manager

  • The ambassador of equity and equality
  • Makes it work
  • Creates the processes that make the jigsaw pieces connect
  • She brings a love of the arts and culture to the business.

Wayne Hunter

Account Director

  • Always talking
  • Always working out how to help
  • Loves a beer, a swim, a game of tennis, and long romantic walks on the beach
  • He’s your best mate and you haven’teven met him yet. And if you haven’t met him, you can certainly hear him.

Rachelle Font

Internal Sales/Project Manager Web

  • Loves helping clients
  • The ultimate juggler – never drops a ball
  • The queen of streamlining processes
  • If it can be automated, she’ll automate it
  • She was born with jazz hands, a glorious smile, and a roaring laugh.

Karlos the coffee machine

Kickstarter of heart and heads

  • Gets the team buzzing with ideas
  • Motivates us through 3.30-itis
  • Facilitates genuine connections with clients
  • A bit of a know-it-all – bean there, done that.

A huge thank you to you and your production team! I’m so impressed with the 12pp Conference Guide, can’t believe it looks soooo good! My client will be stoked!

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