Letterbox Drops

In the evenings you can letterbox local industrial estates where you can include some printed material as well as a promotional item. It is important to include a promotional item as this will distinguish your information away from the typical junk mail pamphlets. Remember to pick something that will fit through the mailbox slot; some good products are stickers, magnets and coasters.

Make sure you letterbox an area that is relevant to you; there is no point letterbox dropping residential homes if your target market is businesses and vice versa. Letterbox drops should always been done after hours so you are not taking up selling time and you should always do it yourself instead of paying someone. Don’t forget all businesses are in Sales- regardless of your type of business so make sure you use your time effectively. Don’t do administrative tasks when you should be working on getting new business or conducting tasks related directly to the business.

Also it is amazing what you learn by letterboxing yourself. Look at the premises of your potential clients and more often than not you will gauge a lot of information important to your business. For instance, if you were looking to provide maintenance service then you can instantly see how the buildings look and what jobs need to be done. Don’t forget your efforts will only translate to potential new clients if you follow up with a phone call asking for an opportunity to drop in with some of your company’s information and service details. Keep the call short and sweet and don’t expect to get an appointment with the manager. Be happy with just an opportunity to drop your business card and company information at the front desk. This is less formal and will be more acceptable to busy managers. However, when you do drop in, it doesn’t hurt to ask if the manager is available so you can introduce yourself. You will be surprised how effective and successful this is. Lots of people are worried that managers will not be happy to see them but most people in that position respect hard working people who take the time to introduce themselves.

There is a place for outsourcing your mail drops but only when your business is consuming so much of your time that you are forced to concentrate on more crucial tasks. At that point you will need to look at sending direct mail campaigns which can be effective when organised correctly.