Does your company have an established brand? Can your customers tell your business apart from others?

Branding breathes life and personality into any organisation. Without it, customers won’t fully understand your vision and what you can offer them. You can have some of the most top-notch products and services, but if you don’t have a distinguishable brand, you can’t effectively market your business and get the exposure you need.

But what is branding, anyway? Part of it is creating a unique company name and a strong logo for your business.

Below are 6 reasons why your company name and logo are so important for your brand:


Before a customer buys from you, they have likely already seen your company name and logo. This is their first experience with your product or service. If your brand makes a great first impression from the start, then you have a greater chance of piquing the curiosity of potential buyers. While this won’t always result in a sale, at least your brand is generating interest and curiosity. This is one of the first steps to gaining new customers. It is also an early part of the buying process. A potential customer sees your company’s name and logo and they do further research to learn more about your company. From there, they either make the decision to buy (or in some cases, not take action at all).



Without a distinctive brand, your company just seems like every other business in your particular market. Your logo is the “face” of your business. Your company name tells your story in just a few words. Without these elements, consumers can’t recognise you. And thus, your business gets lost in the noise. A powerful name and logo differentiate your company, product, or service from the rest of the market.



It’s difficult to market a product or service without a distinctive brand name and logo. People typically overlook advertisements with generic company names and logos. They don’t stand out. They aren’t captivating enough. A great brand tells a powerful story and makes an attractive offer customers can’t resist, inspiring them to buy from you.



Once you’ve built a recognisable brand and it has grown considerably, your customers have begun to trust you. And trust breeds loyalty. The more loyal your customer base, the more recurring revenue your company brings in.

Consumers love consistency. A long-established brand that includes a well-designed logo and an original company name builds trust and fosters brand loyalty.



Perhaps there’s nothing worse than starting a business only to find out that people don’t remember your brand. Creating a company name that doesn’t “stick” and isn’t memorable is one of the worse things you can do for your brand. The same goes for your logo; an uninteresting logo won’t make your company very memorable either. As a business owner, it is your duty to make your brand one that people can’t and won’t forget.



Have you ever seen a logo with a tagline that contains a certain promise or makes a power statement? McDonald’s “I’m lovin’ it” and Nike’s “Just do it” both make a promise to their customers. McDonald’s promises that their meals are satisfying, leaving you happy and coming back for more. Nike promises that wearing their apparel brings you self-confidence and power. These are great examples that illustrate how a strong brand lets customers know what to expect from a company.


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